Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to common questions about Story Planner. For further support, please contact us.
· If I purchase the app on the App Store, do I have to pay for a membership?
No, you don't. We went to a subscription model for a short time last November 2019, because we thought it would be a good way to help us keep improving the app. However, our users let us know that they did not like this model, so we decided to go back to the previous model. It seems we were wrong and so Story Planner is a one-time price app again.

· I bought a subscription in November, but the app has a one-time price now. What happens with my subscription?
Nothing. You won't be charged again when your subscription expires. You just will be able to continue using the app as before, with full access, for good.

· Can I access to my projects in all my devices?
Yes. Story Planner syncs all your iOS and macOS devices through your iCloud account, so you can work in your projects wherever you are.

· Do I need a separate purchase for iPad, iPhone and Mac?
The app is universal for iPad and iPhone, but not for Mac. Since the iOS App Store and the Mac App Store are different platforms, they requiere independent development for each version of the app, as well as maintenance and support. This is why our users have to purchase the app for Mac with a different price.

· I had a problem and lost my projects? How can I recover them?
You can try to recover your last backup. Backups create automatically, so you will have backups on your iCloud Drive even if you didn't create a manually backup. To recover a backup, go to the settings within the app > Sync & Backups > Restore Backup. Your backups are stored on iCloud Drive > Story Planner > Backups.

· Who can access my projects? Are they safe in Story Planner?
Of course. Your projects are yours and we do not have access to them under any circumstances. Everything you write in Story Planner is only stored on your device and in your iCloud account for syncing purposes.

iCloud storage belong to Apple, so if you want to know more about their privacy policy, you can read it in the link:

You can also check our Privacy Policy for further information.

· I accidentally bought the app. How do I request a refund?
Don’t worry. It’s easy. Just follow the steps below:
1. Visit
2. Sign in with your Apple ID
3. Either scroll or search to find Story Planner
4. Click “Report a Problem” and select “Didn’t mean to purchase this item”

· Does Story Planner support Family sharing?
Yes, it does. You can use Story Planner on any device on your Apple ID, as well as any device on your Family Sharing.

· Is there a version for Windows/Android or plans to develop one?
Story Planner is only available for iOS and macOS at the moment. Although we would like to develop a version for Windows in the future, we can’t ensure that we will do it or when. We want to be sure to develop the best app we can, and diversifying to different operating systems wouldn't benefit Story Planner right now.