What’s New on Story Planner?
We constantly work to add new, useful features, adapt Story Planner to the latest technical advancements, and solve occurring issues.  Check all the app releases since iOS version 5.0.
Version 5.1.4 / january 18, 2020
Refinements and Changes:
· With this update you won't notice the changes at a glance, but we continue to improve sync performance and we had made some minor performance adjustments to make the app faster and more efficient.

Bug Fixes:
· Fixed a bug whereby the app crashed while trying to delete a scene from the scenes list.
· Fixed a bug whereby the app crashed when trying to sync with older versions.
· Fixed a bug whereby scenes without an assigned act weren't printed when exporting a project.

Version 5.1.3 / january 12, 2020
Refinements and Changes:
· Now the compression of the backups is done when the device is idle to optimize resources.
· A check is also performed when the device is idle to delete old backups.

Bug Fixes:
· Fixed a bug whereby when pressing edit in the swipe menu (in the list of tags, character functions, etc.) the cell disappeared.
· Fixed a bug whereby when exporting a project, the titles of the acts appeared under an incorrect name.
· Fixed a bug which showed a shorter nav bar when entering the app on a character or location card and the device in the face up position.
· Fixed a bug that caused the title of the nav bar where shown when returning to the character card or location card from an items selection screen (for example, the 'Function in the story' screen).
· Fixed a bug whereby the keyboard was hidden when trying to edit the last fields of a screen in certain circumstances.
· Fixed display issues on some screens when the system changed to dark mode.
· Fixed a bug whereby two rows disappeared or the app crashed when deleting an item with the swipe menu if there was more than one window at the same time. (iPad)
· Fixed a bug whereby the option to navigate backward disappeared when deleting a tab in split view. (iPad)
· Fixed a bug whereby the app showed an empty screen when deleting a project in split view. (iPad)

Version 5.1.2 / december 29, 2019
Refinements and Changes:
· We have improved the automatic backups system. Now Story Planner only creates an automatic backup when the app goes to backgroud if you have made any change.
· Now if you force the app to close after have made any change, the app will create an automatic backup.
· The app won't create automatic backups if you don't have projects.
· The maximum number of backups will be for your iCloud account, not for your devices.
· Backups will create faster from now on.
· You will now see a message in the main screen of the app when iCloud data is downloading and syncing.
· We have improved the files download for syncing.
· When the app starts will check if you have iCloud Drive on. If you don't have it, the app will notify you, in case you want to activate it.
· The app will remember the size and position of the window when you last closed it. (macOS)

Bug Fixes:
· Fixed a bug whereby the app sometimes froze when trying to sync with a slow Internet connection.
· Fixed a bug whereby nothing happened when you changed from "System" to "No" in dark mode options.
· Fixed a bug whereby if you changed the color of a plot when you were editing the title, the previous title was shown in the list of plots.

Version 5.1.1 / december 09, 2019
Refinements and Changes:
· We have customized the iPad keyboard so now you can more easily move right and left along the lines of your texts.
· We have implemented a new and improved system to export projects. (macOS)
· We have improved the system to crop images for the character and location cards. (macOS)

Bug Fixes:
· Fixed a bug whereby the app crashed when you tried to rearrange scenes with no act assigned.
· Fixed a bug whereby text in a field was removed if you pressed the backspace key with the cursor placed at the beginning of the text.
· Fixed the bug whereby you couldn’t crop images if you didn’t zoom in and out first. Now crop feature is working properly again. (iOS)
· Fixed a bug whereby the keyboard didn’t hide in the project tabs when you changed from one tab to another.

Version 5.0.11 / november 26, 2019
Refinements and Changes:
· Now we show a warning when the app tries to create a backup but iCloud Drive is not enabled.
· We have adjusted the nav bar of the Characters and Locations Cards, for a better visualization.
· We have improved the way the app checks the subscriptions.

Bug Fixes:
· Fixed a bug whereby, in certain circumstances, the app crashes at first launch on iPad.
· Fixed the button to “More apps for writers” on the app settings.
· Fixed the Crop & Adjust feature for pictures on Mac.

Version 5.0.9 / november 23, 2019
Refinements and Changes:
· We have explained better how Read Mode works. Remember that you will always have access to your projects to read, export and print them, even if you are not paying for a subscription.

Bug Fixes:
· Fixed a bug whereby, in certain circumstances, the system failed when checking if the user had previously bought the app.
· Fixed an issue whereby some users who had purchased the app before version 5.0 received the message of having a subscription instead of a pro account.
· Fixed an issue where users who had purchased the app before version 5.0 received the free trial screen, even though they have full access. (iPadOS and macOS). · Now when you tap 'Appearing Characters', 'Appearing Locations', 'Main Plot' and 'Other Plots' in the Card Scene, a pop-up is displayed with the options to choose from. (macOS)

Version 5.0 / november 20, 2019
New Features:
We have completely redesigned the app to make it more comfortable, beautiful and current. We have also taken the latest Apple technology into account to offer you the best user experience possible. And this is just the beginning, because we’re going to keep working to bring you fantastic new features soon.
· We have added an organization system for projects that allows you to mark them as “in progress” or archive them as completed projects. In addition, you can now add tags to projects in order to organize them by categories.
· Text fields are now much more comfortable to use since they adapt to the text you write instead of vice versa.
· Photos are now displayed in a larger size and are better integrated into the character and location cards.
· You can customize predefined elements (character type, scene tension, etc.) and adapt them to your way of writing. You don’t have to stick to our model anymore, but can instead create your owns.
· Each character can have several functions, which will also be displayed in the character list.
· We have modified the plot colors and how they are selected so you can see all of the colors at a glance and change them more easily.
· We have improved the scene cards so that you can create characters, plots or locations from them more quickly, in order to later modify them from the corresponding tab.
· In scene cards, you can personalize act names and call them whatever you want. You can also add multiple plot lines to each scene, which will be reflected in the statistics.
· We have added new statistics that are also displayed via graphs so you can more efficiently analyze your story data at a glance.
· iPad has its own design so you can move through your projects more easily; we have improved the Slide Over and Split View and have incorporated the new iOS 13 (iPadOS) technology that allows you to open multiple windows of the app at the same time so that nothing interrupts your inspiration!

· Updated for macOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility.
· IOS 13-compatible.
· Updated to support iOS 13’s dark mode (system mode available).